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It's really friggin' heavy.

That's the whole thing. But seriously, you'll be impressed when you hold it.

What's the deal with Tungsten?

It's simple: Tungsten is cool, and when you hold it you'll understand why. Due to its extreme density, Tungsten packs a heavier punch than you'd expect from its small package.

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To put it simply, Tungsten is the heaviest metal because it's extremely dense. There are other pure elements that are more dense, but you wouldn't want them on the top of your desk.

It depends on what size you get, but here are the weights for our cubes, rounded to the nearest tenth of a pound:

6" = 142.5lbs

5" = 82.5lbs

4" = 41.6lbs

3" = 17.6lbs

2.5" = 10lbs

2" = 5.2lbs

1.5" = 2.2lbs

1.0" = 0.65lb

0.50" = 0.08lb

*Due to variances in the manufacture process, exact weights may vary.

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