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How Much does Each Size of Tungsten Cube Weigh?

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How Much does Each Size of Tungsten Cube Weigh?

Tungstenhas the highest melting point, and it is also one of the hardest and densest metals. Tungsten cubes are available in different sizes and different weights. The best thing is tungsten cubes are resistant to corrosion, and they have more tensile strength than all metals. In addition, they are very durable and almost indestructible. It can take ten almost ten minutes to cut through a solid block using a diamond cutting system.

Sizes of Tungsten Cube and their Weight

The sizes of the cubes range from 1 cm to 4 inches, and companies also offer customizable cubes that make it easy for you to order as per the size and weight you want. Tungsten has several atomic properties, such as density and hardness. Each 10mm cube made from 99.95% pure tungsten weighs 19.1 grams. Usually, the 50mm tungsten cube weighs about 2300 grams.

Interestingly, there are talks about one special edition, a 14-inch cube, which would weigh more than 1,700 lbs (771.107 kg). Thus, it would be the single-largest tungsten cube in the market. 

Here is the list of popular several sizes of tungsten cubes with their weights.

  • 1cm Tungsten Cube- 0.64 oz (0.018 kg) is the smallest piece available.
  • You can also find a 0.5" tungsten alloy cube weighing 0.08 lbs (0.036 kg).
  • Another size available is a 1.0" tungsten cube weighing 0.66 lbs (0.30 kg)
  • 1.5" tungsten cube is heavier and weighs 2.2 lbs (1 kg) t.
  • You can find a 2.0" tungsten cube weighing 5.2 lbs (2.36 kg). 
  • Moreover, 2.5" tungsten cube weighs around 10.19 lbs (4.62 kg).
  • A 3.0" tungsten cube weighs 17.6 lbs (7.98 kg)
  • One of the largest sizes available is a 4.0" tungsten cube that weighs 41.62 lbs (18.88 kg).

One of the most used cubes is a 4-inch tungsten cube that is easy to fit in the palm of your hand. It is the biggest size available. It usually has rounded edges.

Why is it Popular?

Tungsten cubes are becoming a hot trend in the crypto market and gaining popularity. Recently, a rumor spread in the crypto community that there would be a shortage of tungsten cubes. However, there is no evidence that proves that the market has a shortage of these solid blocks. Many social media influencers make videos to experiment and check the destructibility of the tungsten cube. Some 

YouTubers try to melt tungsten cubes, which is impossible as its melting point is almost 61520F (34000C); others take up different challenges to test their durability. The metal is solid and used in the aerospace industry because of its corrosion resistance. In addition to high durability and resilience, tungsten is excellent in heavy alloys intended for different applications.

Thanks to the popularity on social media, different suppliers are producing more tungsten cubes since they are high in demand. One of the most in-demand cubes is a desktop tungsten cube that you can use as a decoration piece.

Influencers on different social media sites talk about the tungsten cube, and they discuss how it is technically non-breakable. Some people throw it from heights, and some try to melt it. The melting point of tungsten is 6152°F, so it is nearly impossible to melt it outside the lab settings. 

In addition, it has high resistance against heat and has played a significant role in producing the light bulb. William Coolidge invented the first filament bulb in the 20th century; it was very bright and created a bright light that could last for a long time. Several experiments proved that the cube is durable and has the highest tensile strength.

Tungsten Cube and Cryptocurrency

Tungsten cubes have become one of the hottest commodities in the crypto market. It is a dense cube of metal. Crypto enthusiasts are trying to buy tungsten cubes by using bitcoin. Some tungsten cube suppliers claim that tungsten’s demand will increase with time. So, tungsten cube memes are flowing on social media and other websites.

Pure tungsten is soft, but when it combines with other compounds, it hardens. The demand for larger cubes has increased these days. 

Why are Tungsten Cubes Expensive?

Wondering why tungsten cubes are so expensive? Well, the price starts from $100. For instance, a 4-inch block is almost about $3,000. You can find the smaller cubes at reasonable prices while the larger ones can be expensive.

Most of the time, pricing also depends on the purity of the material and its composition. There are more recreational cubes available in the market: tungsten alloys with weight and density. In addition, pricing can also vary based on sizes because larger cubes are likely to be heavy.

Tungsten cubes have high density and are heavier. These cubes react with other chemical compounds. You will find different sizes available and a vast collection of tungsten cubes for various purposes.

Why are Tungsten Cubes Heavy?

All Tungsten cubs are not heavy; it depends on the size and material used in them. A smaller block may not be a heavy cube, while the larger cubes can have more weight. The pure tungsten material-based cubes are heavier because of their chemical properties. In addition, they have high resistant elements, and their hardness and density make them heavy.

Tungsten-heavy alloys have high-density applications. Pure tungsten has a costly manufacturing process and has limited sizes and shapes. Besides, it is hard as it contains carbide compounds that are one of the most complex elements. It has exceptional properties like high thermal and electrical conductivity and high thermal resistance.

Bottom line

Each tungsten cube size has a different weight based on multiple reasons. Tungsten cubes are in demand, and if this post has convinced you to buy tungsten cubes, you can consider buying them from Mammoth Metallurgy. We have a wide variety of tungsten cubes in different sizes and weights. You can select the one that suits your needs.