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Why is Crypto Fans Talking about Tungsten Cubes?

  • 4 min read

Why is Crypto Fans Talking about Tungsten Cubes?

Cryptocurrency revolves around leading coins like Ehtereum and Bitcoin, but there has been another contender in town recently. Social media fanatics and crypto fans are both going head over heels over tungsten metal lately. The tungsten metal originally came from the tungsten filament bulbs. While people have used them for different purposes, including rocket manufacturing, the latest trend in the world of crypto is a tungsten cube. 

Everyone, including leading hosts like Joe Weisenthal, business tycoons, is talking about these tungsten cubes. Although the average tungsten cube has a 4-inch size and weighs only 41.6 pounds, it is still a raging trend on social media and around crypto lovers. 

People are going so crazy over this heavy cube that you can now find them in different sizes, including 6 inch and 1-inch variants. The average 1-inch cube weighs around 0.66 pounds. 

Recent Twitter posts reveal no real shortage of these tungsten cubes before they became a social media sensation. However, people still started buying and hoarding these amazing metal cubes. Recent market flow suggests that the Midwest Tungsten Service Store has only three, 4-inch cubes left in its inventory that you can get your hands on for $3000. 

What do Crypto Fans do with Tungsten Cubes?

One might think that these tungsten cubes may serve some important purpose, considering how costly they are. While they have amazing properties, including high durability, strength, and corrosion resistance, people aren’t using them for something productive. Most people are going crazy over these cubes in the crypto world or social media are and are playing around with it or testing its limits. 

The tungsten cube in its pure form is quite soft but becomes durable when you make an alloy out of it. People are lifting these cubes, trying to guess their weights, smashing things with the cube to check its strength limit. Some people are even trying to melt it down. 

Ironically, there is no apparent application of these tungsten cubes in the world of crypto or blockchain, but crypto investors are still spending their money in these cubes.

You can now find these cubes in various sizes ranging from 1 cm to 4 inches for prices of $20 to $3000, making them a hot commodity only in the crypto world but for people around the world. There are a few rules for owning the tungsten cube that owners need to follow at all costs. 

The Biggest Tungsten Cube

The Midwest Tungsten Service stands as one of the best suppliers of tungsten cubes to buyers around the world and experienced a mega boost in their sales because of the recent crypto fan base. The company originally sells tungsten sheets and wires, but a tweet from Coin Center’s Neeraj Agrawal explained the possible shortage of these tungsten cubes led to higher demands.

They have a company in Illinois that manufactures most of the desktop tungsten cubeand saw an increase of cubes. There is nearly a 300% increase in the demand for these tungsten cubes, according to the owner of the company. 

In addition, their Amazon inventory also went out of stock soon after the tungsten cube became a sensation. You can find these tungsten cubes ranging between the weights of 0.64 ounces to 41.6 pounds, but the company went ahead and created the largest tungsten cube yet. 

It weighed an astonishing 2,000 pounds placed in a special, secure warehouse until it was auctioned by the company. The company sold the cube as an NFT (non-fungible token), meaning that it has a unique code and will be one of a kind. 

Rules for the Owning the Biggest Tungsten Cube 

Crypto Cabal was the one to buy this tungsten cube for $250,000 and is nearly 14.545 inches across. What’s more, the rules to own this tungsten cube will just be as unique as the cube itself.

For example, you can find this gigantic cube at Midwest Tungsten Service headquarters, and the NFT owner can visit the cube once to see/photograph/touch it. However, this trip will be under the Midwest Tungsten Service official. 

What’s more, there is a requirement for unlocking it and the person who wishes to unlock it needs to present the schedule for unlocking along with the proof of ownership. Moreover, only the owner of the NFT will have access to the room where the company keeps the cube. 

The owners cannot visit the cube twice a year and cannot view it at least for the first 12 weeks after the auction of the cube. The current owners of this huge tungsten cube invested nearly 56.9 ETH or roughly $250,000 for owning the cube. 

While it isn’t clear what the buyer wishes to do with the cube, it seems like it was more of a publicity stunt. Decentralized Autonomous organizations or DAOs are the current owners of this cube, which aim to create a memorable asset collection and develop content to strengthen social significance.

Where Can You Get this Tungsten Cube?

Will the cube continue to retain its value? Probably yes. Thus, it is high time to start investing in these tungsten cubes as they will most likely be here to stay. You may be curious about these tungsten cubes and want to get your hands on one of your own. Fortunately, you can get one for yourself for a fairly good price from suppliers like Mammoth Metallurgy. This is because as they are one of the leading suppliers of tungsten cubes globally. 

We offer tungsten cubes of all sizes to ensure that you have all the options you need for a fairly good price. It doesn’t matter if you want it as a desktop decoration or a small piece just for your curiosity, we have them all with us. All you need to do is reach out to us, and we will deliver it to you on priority.