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How Much Does a 1-Inch Tungsten Cube Weigh?

  • 4 min read

How Much Does a 1-Inch Tungsten Cube Weigh?

Very few things come close to the popularity of tungsten cubes in the market right now. The crypto community has been incredibly vocal with their support for these cubes, and other people are starting to take notice. 

What initially started as a simple trend in the crypto community has now spread to people outside the first circle. But if you are new to this trend, you might be wondering just how heavy these little cubes are. Well, the answer to that is a lot. 

The Weight of a Tungsten Cube

Referring to tungsten as heavy is not completely accurate. Usually, when people talk about something that is heavy, they usually associate it with a bigger size. It is very rare for you to see something that is both “heavy” but still very small. 

The more accurate word to use for these desktop tungsten cubes would be dense. And they happen to be one of the densest materials on the planet, right behind gold and plutonium. This dense structure of tungsten allows it to be very heavy and very small at the same time. Therefore, even smaller tungsten cubes can weigh significantly more than their initial appearance. 

A 1.5” cube can be as heavy as 2.2lbs. And as you continue to increase the size of the tungsten cube, its overall weight will increase as well. So a 4” tungsten cube will weigh as much as 41.6lbs. And on the smaller end, a 1” cube can have a weight of 0.66lbs. 

Of course, it is worth mentioning that tungsten, by itself, is not as dense. In fact, 95% pure tungsten can be very squishy and resembles gold in its purest form. However, the alloys that it creates, namely tungsten carbide, can be very durable while retaining their dense properties. These alloys also happen to be much stronger and are close to impossible to break damage or chip.  

The Strength of these Cubes

One of the defining characteristics of tungsten happens to be its incredible resistance to wear and tear. As we mentioned earlier, tungsten can form alloys with other metals, allowing it to become much stronger than its base form. 

The metallic bonds that it creates with other alloys can be so strong that diamond cutting equipment is necessary to cut through them. The strongest and hardest alloy that it creates is tungsten carbide, which is almost otherworldly in terms of its strength. Even when using the aforementioned cutting equipment, it can take ten minutes to cut through it. 

Of course, these strong metallic bonds also mean that it is also very resistant to heat. With a melting point of over 6,100°F, it is almost impossible for people to melt it outside of a lab. And in terms of its boiling point, it would require over 10,000°F of heat. For reference, the surface of the sun is 9,940°F. 

Thanks to its incredibly high resistance to heat, tungsten alloys are common in aerospace technology. One of its most popular uses is to line the exhaust tips of a space shuttle. Since it does not melt or boil at ridiculously high temperatures, it can withstand the liftoff phase of a rocket. For reference, the temperature of the exhausts is between 6,000°F and 7,500°F.

Why you Might Want to Buy a 1” Tungsten Cube

Tungsten cubes can be a nice decoration piece in your home, but you might not be looking to spend too much. In that case, here are some reasons why you would want to buy a 1” tungsten cube. 

Not Looking to Make too Big of an Investment

The first thing that you should consider is how much you are looking to spend on a tungsten cube. Of course, the distinction here is not how much you can spend but how much you want to. Tungsten cubes can get very expensive when considering their overall size. 

So if you’re looking to buy this heavy cube but don’t want to spend too much money on it, the 1.0” size is perfect. Not only is it small and hefty, but it can only cost you $100 for the small cube. 

Don’t Want a Cube that is too Big

Another reason why you might want to consider buying a smaller cube is that you don’t want a bigger one. Although these bigger ones can be more appealing, they are also very heavy. The 2.5” cube can weigh a little over 10lbs, making it quite heavy to keep on a shelf or on a table. And the 4” version can be as heavy as 41.6lbs. 

If you’re looking for something that you can carry around or a cube that is much safer to keep as well, then a 1” cube can be a good option. You can easily keep the smaller cube with you as you travel, and it is still as interesting. Since it is still much heavier than it originally seems, it makes for good conversation. 

Looking to Join the Movement

Having a tungsten cube is about more than just keeping an interesting scientific work of art with you; it is also a trophy. The crypto community uses these trophies for bragging rights, but they can also give a sense of belonging. 

If you are looking to join the movement, then you can buy the 1” cube. It can help you feel like a part of the movement, and you will have an interesting story to tell about how you joined one of the biggest movements on the internet. 

Where to Get One

These tungsten cubes have managed to become extremely popular in recent years. So if you are looking to buy one as well, then Mammoth Metallurgy offers a wide range of tungsten cubes for you to choose from. We even have the 1” tungsten cube, which can make for a good decoration piece as a whole. We even have larger sizes in case you want something that is a little more noticeable.