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All about 45lb Tungsten Cubes

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All about 45lb Tungsten Cubes

Our 4"x4"x4" Tungsten Cube weighs about 41lbs. Get it here.

Unless you live under a rock, the chances are that you’ve come across tungsten cubes on the internet. Or, you might have seen a heavy cube as desktop décor in your friend’s home. Desktop tungsten cube is continuing to rise up the charts when it comes to unique décor pieces that are eye-catching and beautiful.

While you might already know about these cubes if you keep up with the news, have you ever wondered how heavy the heaviest one could be? 45lb tungsten cubes are becoming a major hit as more and more people are looking to invest in a desktop tungsten cube for their homes. 

Why are 45lb Tungsten Cubes so Popular These Days?

What’s better than answering the first question that pops in your mind when you hear yet another new relating to tungsten cubes? Tungsten cubes are gaining increasing popularity with each passing day. 

More and more people are heading out in the market to get one from them. Not to mention, some others also believe that a desktop tungsten cube makes for the perfect gift in these times. In fact, you can also measure the rising popularity of these heavy cubes by the increasing search volume on Google. 

To begin with, there is no right answer as to what makes tungsten cubes popular, let alone 45lb tungsten cubes. However, we believe that tungsten cubes just tend to gain more and more value as they get heavier. 

After all, there has always been greatness in owning bigger and more. That is also the case with tungsten cubes: the heavier, the better. Imagine how great it would be when you get to tell your guests that the heavy cube they see is actually the heaviest that is out there? 

Getting back to how tungsten cubes generally grew popular, it was nothing but a rumor. All of a sudden, there was a rumor spreading among the crypto community that there would be a shortage of tungsten cubes soon. 

Of course, this community is always passionate and determined to make money through whatever they can. In a flash, cryptographers were in and began ‘investing’ in tungsten cubes. The standard cube is nearly 4-inches in dimension and still costs a whopping $4,000 on average. 

Even with the crazy costs, people have developed a passion for getting bigger and bigger cubes. In fact, many wish to get their hands on 45lb tungsten cubes. Of course, not just for the hype of it all. Keep reading to know more interesting things about the heavy cube.

What Made these a Favorite in No Time? 

Now that we know what started it all let’s have a look at the sudden hype that made tungsten cubes such a big deal in no time. Well, tungsten cubes were only popular among the crypto community first, so how did it go out to the rest of the world. Now, tungsten cubes are a huge craze all across the globe. 

If you go around asking tungsten cube owners the same question, they might also not have a clear answer. For most, it was nothing but a joke that went too far. Others happened to believe that tungsten cubes can serve a greater investment purpose in the near future, which could be true. 

After the initial hype and rising sales, people eventually came to the realization that the rumor about the international scarcity of tungsten cubes was merely a ‘rumor.’ Nonetheless, that did not stop a lot of others from still getting the tungsten cubes. 

The news of the fake rumor could not quell the hype for several reasons. For the most part, tungsten is a rare metal, and people were gaining interest in testing its strength, further fuelling the early hype. Tungsten cubes became a global sensation, first through the internet and social media in particular. 

Leading influencers on various social media sites started getting these cubes and talking about how a tungsten cube is technically indestructible. YouTubers began making videos on their tungsten cubes, trying to experiment with their durability in different ways. Many were willing to throw their heavy cubes from massive heights, while others tried melting theirs. 

All of this was quick to attract more people in wanted to try out the tungsten cubes by themselves. And of course, the best way of feeding their curiosity was to buy their very own desktop tungsten cube. 

A Deeper Reason for Getting Your Hands on a 45lb Tungsten Cube

Whether it is a stress-relieving toys like the fidget spinner or a new iPhone model, anything that enjoys hype is worth getting. So, should you buy a 45lb tungsten cube, or will it be a waste of money? To begin with, it all depends on what you prioritize. 

For example, a heavy desktop tungsten cube might not be for you if you believe in only spending money on necessary things that you truly need. But, we can assure you that you’re going to love this item if you don’t mind buying things that are interesting in their make-up, properties, and appeal. 

After all, tungsten cubes serve all the purposes that make a décor piece one of the best ones out there. And what sets this apart from other decorative items? A tungsten cube is so durable that it will definitely last you an entire lifetime. Why? YouTubers and other social media influencers were unable to break or melt their cubes. Can you imagine what a 45lb tungsten cube can be worth? 

Heavier and more durable than other metals, a tungsten cube gets most of its durability from the size of its atoms. Metals have much larger atoms as you keep going lower down the periodic table. Thanks to the directional metallic bonds of tungsten, your 45lb tungsten cube will never break. In fact, even a diamond cutting element takes about 10 minutes to cut through tungsten. 

This is the reason William Coolidge invented the filament bulb when inventors were looking for metal with strong heat-resisting properties. 


Tungsten cubes are popular for many reasons. Although these metallic cubes happen to be quite costly due to the hype, people are still looking for the heaviest ones they can find. We suggest you check out our collection of tungsten cubes as we got them in all sizes. You will also find 45lb tungsten cubes at the best prices possible at Mammoth Metallurgy. 


Our 4"x4"x4" Tungsten Cube weighs about 41lbs. Get it here.


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