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How much does a 1” Cube of Tungsten Weigh?

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How much does a 1” Cube of Tungsten Weigh?

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Here's the simple answer: 0.66lbs

When we talk about a tungsten cube, we talk about incredible hardness, strength, the highest tensile strength and the highest melting point of any element. When the pure soft tungsten material brings down into compounds, it finds its incredible strength. 

Perhaps its corrosion-resistant properties, multiple uses across a range of industries and durability make it so popular with the crowd. But we know the truth and so do all the crypto enthusiasts: a tungsten cube is the new ‘intensity for density’ toy that is simply impossible to resist for the online community. 

With the massive popularity the heavy cubehas gained far and wide, the demand and desire for it has risen exponentially. Today, you will find a range of tungsten cube sizes available, from 1 cm to four inches. 

Tungsten Cube- The Widespread Popularity

Tungsten cube gained popularity far and wide a couple of months ago when this heavy cube won everybody’s attention with its density, atom composition and value. Did you also know that tungsten weighs 1.74 more times than lead and that is why it popularly reinforces strength and hardness in other metal alloys?

Apart from this interesting attributes, you will also be increasingly pleased to find tungsten has the highest tensile strength and hardness, which makes it fall second to diamonds. You can trust this material to stand in the face of corrosion, along with its several other desirable properties. 


Today, it is very common to come across sheets of tungsten available in markets for a range of industrial uses. The tangibility is one of the heavy cube’s greatest appeal. You will find it available in two popular forms today: either in the form of tungsten sheets or in the form desktop tungsten cubes. 

The greatest furor for the desktop tungsten cubes rose in the online fraternity, specifically the crypto enthusiasts. They’re the ones who absolutely cherished the feeling of holding a substantial, dense and weighty cube in their hand. 

The magnificence of re-experiencing a refreshing tangible touch, of being able to hold something of substance and value is a novelty now. The latter fact is largely in part to the ever-expanding metaverse world. 

Frankly though, none of us can argue against the endless benefits that virtual reality has brought us. However, at the same time, we can all admit missing the tangibility, the sense of satisfaction and ownership we feel when we can hold things of value that we own. 

Crypto enthusiasts will particularly relate to the idea, perhaps the reason why scores of cube enthusiasts almost make pilgrimages to stores like ours. You will hear them recounting of their first experience of holding a tungsten cube as a magical feeling of sheer density, physicality and the charm of atoms. 

1” Tungsten Cube- Weight: 0.66lbs

Like we mentioned, the tungsten metal holds a record for having the highest melting point among the family of metals. Included in its other notable features is its heavier weight than that of lead, which amounts to 19 Gms vs. 13 Gms per cubic centimeter. 

Every heavy cube is a work of beauty that stands strong and firm under acid, under fire and under force. Scratch it, torture it, tickle it or burn it: tungsten cubes will not give way. Such is the beauty of the stunning tungsten cubes. 

Every desktop tungsten cube undergoes a process of hi-tech spark, which ultimately lends in the stunning finish and unbelievable tight tolerances. Every heavy cube is delightfully reflective, bright and satisfyingly weighty. 

Every heavy cube with a 10mm size carries a weight of 19.1 grams. By this calculation, a 1-inch cube of tungsten will 313±5g and so on. 

Tungsten Cubes- Chemical Properties

Tungsten is that metal which possesses the highest tensile strength and has a higher density than any other elemental metal. As such, you will watch tungsten hold its ground under abuse and rigorous use, where other metals like titanium would wither away. 

The chemical properties present inside the tungsten cubes comprise of a higher mass density in comparison to lead, with a melting point that is above 6000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to boil tungsten at any point in time, you will have to do so at just more than ten thousand degrees Fahrenheit. 

You could imagine a truly devastating nuclear reactor meltdown, say for instance the one from 1986, which decimated Chernobyl. This reactor only reach a total of five thousand degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to turn iron, aluminum, titanium and other metals into mushy, pasta sauce. 

You can very easily imagine then just how much more potent our favorite tungsten metal is. A heavy cube in this material is sure to become one of your prized possessions. Its stunning finish, smooth exterior, 90 degree edges and intensely dense weight is the stuff of dreams for most collectible lovers. 

The most common sizes that tungsten cubes that people demand these days range from one inch to four inches. Regardless of the size one desires, people most prize it for its spectacular iridescent shimmer. Its hypoallergenic properties and its amazing hardness. 

Not only are desktop tungsten cubes the most popular sight around town these days but you will find the wonderful material in sawblades, high-performing drill bits and even ballpoint roller pens. 

Final Thoughts 

1” cubes of tungsten are particularly high in demand among the class of people who are tentatively catching up with the trending hot commodity. For those who are already on the bandwagon, tungsten cubesrepresent a symbol of value and asset ownership, a reconnect with physicality and a splendid dense object of metal. 

Tungsten cubes are one of the most popular gift option as well, what with their stunning and flawless finishing touch. Add to that the incredible toughness, durability and strength of the ornament and you know you have a periodic master piece in hand. 

Tungsten’s dense mass, melting point, tensile strength and durability make it superior to other metals but most importantly, its comfortable weight serves as a constant reminder of physical value. If you want a range of sizes to satisfy your desire for tungsten cubes, reach out to us at Mammoth Metallurgy. 

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