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How Much Does a 4 Inch Cube of Tungsten Cost?

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How Much Does a 4 Inch Cube of Tungsten Cost?

Here's the quick answer: Ours costs $3,324.99 and comes with an amazing carrying case.

The tungsten cubehas been making rounds on the internet recently. Crypto watchers have particularly been keeping an anxious close eye on the new heavy commodity. But what’s the deal with it exactly you may ask?

The aerospace grade, heavy-weight tungsten is actually a weighty ornament, comprising of the durable and strong tungsten material. In addition to being impressively dense, this heavy cube is also corrosion resistant. What’s more, this cube boasts of a high tensile strength and the highest melting point you will ever find in an element. 

The intriguing thing about these desktop tungsten cubes is that despite the actual soft material it starts with initially, the end product is an incredibly hard and heavy ornament. This stunning transformation happens when the pure tungsten breaks down into compounds and then gains massive strength by the time it takes the shape of an ornament. 

Pricing of 4-inch Tungsten Cube

An e-commerce shares how the demand for the tungsten cube has grown exponentially in the past couple of days. Owing to the growing popularity of this ornament, its prices have gone up as well. At our shop, the Godzilla 4” Tungsten cube costs approximately $3,324.99 USD. 

But every inch of this magnificent heavy cube is worth every penny people will spend. Tungsten cube features a modernistic and utterly gorgeous look, grabbing all the attention with its 90 degree edges. While people may be absolutely enthralled with this fascinating ‘new toy’ right now, one must be ready for a great surprise when they try lifting this new piece. 

It is downright heavy; hence, if you’re ready to test just how much weight your muscles can help you lift, this cube might be the best way to do. The standard sizes that one can find in the market for the Tungsten cube range from 1 cm to four inches. But because of the increasing demand for the cube, tungsten sellers report making custom sizes up to seven inches too on special demand.  

Currently, the market is also abuzz with news of a special edition launching soon, which will sport a size of fourteen inches. One can only imagine just how much manpower they would need to lift something as dense an heavy as a fourteen inch cube, if a four-inch pieces feels like a challenge. 


4" tungsten cube


All about Tungsten 

Despite the raging popularity, tungsten is still an unfamiliar term for many. Many people might still be wondering what this unique creation is all about. The fact about tungsten is that it is currently one of the heaviest elements. 

Tungsten is actually a metal cube, which you will find in a size of four inches in our store. Although small enough to fit into the palm of one’s hand, yet this cube has a staggering weight of forty-one pounds. When you pick this cube up, you may feel as if you’re defying the rules of physics but tell us if you don’t feel a novel experience when you come into contact with the cube. 

Due to the wide interest of people in cryptocurrency, the tungsten cube has become quite a popular commodity around the world. The recent surge of orders for these unique desktop tungsten cubes has primarily come from the series of memes that crypto influencers have been posting quite rampantly. 

Moreover, rumors of a supply shortage along with the bizarre passion of people for unique collectibles in the crypto community particularly have contributed to the surge. Upon interviewing one particular tungsten cube lover, he mentioned that he buys tungsten cubes mainly as a gift for himself and the others too. 

For him, the tungsten cube is typical crypto stuff, characteristic of taking bizarre and comical concepts and then stretching a joke too far. For this tungsten cube lover and avid buyer, there is something magical about the sheer physicality of the cube. 

He describes how tungsten’s atomic properties tend to excite his mind, while the hardness and density impress him too. His sentiments echo those of almost every crypto-enthusiast around the world right now. 

It is perhaps the want of something physical, something more substantial and concrete as opposed to that of crypto, which appeals to the crypto lovers. Perhaps the tungsten cuberepresents some value, some meaning and some weight in life which is quite a refreshing contrast from the immaterial and virtual world we are caught in. 

The fact is that we’re now constantly dealing with synthetic commodities, which although have great financial value, yet are very ethereal in actuality. The virtual world does offer several leverages but when it comes to reality, there is some comfort in the atoms. 

4" Tungsten cube: Why People want it

Perhaps the quest for physical manifestations for value and the appeal of abstract work is what the passion and the frenzy is behind the tungsten cube. Financiers especially seek such attractions and the tungsten cube is the perfect crypto version for their mergers and IPOs. 

For others, it is merely comfortable to have a constant reminder of asset ownership, of having some physical representation of owning some form of value. In a world of virtual abstraction, there is something very reassuring and satisfying bout holding an object of weight and value in your hand. 

Apart from this, the other factor that makes people want the desktop tungsten cubes is the desire to belong more to an online community that thrives on mimicking each other’s enthusiasms. The enthusiasms could be as bizarre as NFTs or feeling an unexplainable joy in hold an object of heavy weight in your hand. Yet, the closeness one feels by owning what the majority of the community owns is perhaps another reason why the tungsten cube is attraction attention from far and wide. 

The fact is that the online community is more dominant than any other right now: if a thing picks steam online, it becomes a matter of pride and belonging to own that thing. This is where the tungsten cube fits the most aptly right now!


Final Thoughts 

The tungsten cube is an all-metal, heavy object that is fetching incredible money from crypto enthusiasts particularly. It is a weighty object that is most popular for its density, atom work and hardness. In a world lost in the immaterialness of virtuality, the tungsten cube is an object that stands for physical value and asset ownership. 

This is perhaps why a four inch tungsten cube is selling at $3,324.99 USD. With a weight of 41.6lbs, this cube will constantly remind you of owning something substantial in life. At Mammoth Metallurgy, you can find a tungsten cube of your desired choice!


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