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Tungsten Cube Review

  • 4 min read

Tungsten Cube Review

Everybody knows what tungsten cube is, thanks to the social media platform, especially YouTube and Twitter. People are buying tungsten cubes to make YouTube videos and share their experiences of holding them. But, what is so special about this element? How does it link with cryptocurrency? Should you purchase this element? If yes, then why? If you have these questions on your mind, you are in the right place. In this tungsten cube review, you will find some essential information about this element. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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What is Tungsten Cube?

Tungsten is the densest and heaviest element around right now. It is a 4-inch block extracted in raw condition. The cube is so small that you can fit it in your palm. But, what’s more, surprising is that the 4-inch metal block weighs more than 41 pounds. When you lift the cube, it feels like the element doesn’t follow the law of the universe. To better analyze the property of desktop tungsten cube, you can purchase this cube at different sizes ranging from half an inch to six inches with 90-degree edges.

Today, tungsten cube is a trend in the crypto market. Crypto enthusiasts are showing interest in this heavy cube due to its unique properties. They think it is going to be a highly important element in the future. Memes by a few crypto traders in the community increased the incredible surge of order. After that, a tremendous number of tungsten cubes were sold throughout the world. People who are new to this cube have no idea what is going on.


A Brief History about Tungsten Cube

In the 16th century, German miners were mining the tin ore, and they found a mysterious element. When they tried to melt the element, it bubbles up into hairy-looking and gray slag. They named the element wolfram, which means wolf forth. 

In 1755, a Swedish chemist working in an iron mine found this element and named it tungsten. Tungsten is a Swedish word that means heavy stone. William David Coolidge managed to create wire filaments out of this element in 1910. These wires were later used as ubiquitous in light bulbs. Even Thomas Edison bought this element to enhance the performance of his light bulbs.

During World War II, the US and UK pressured Spain to stop their supply of tungsten to Germany because they could use it for armor-piercing weapons. The dictator, Franco, agreed to that and stopped his supply immediately to end the war.

An American physicist Harry Daghlian accidentally dropped a brick of tungsten in a nuclear bomb core. This resulted in a dangerous nuclear reaction. Later, many similar incidents were heard in the following year.

The US Air Force designed a weapon in 2003 that orbits on Earth. This weapon drops a 20-foot tungsten rod for mass destruction. The force of this heavy metal on the land can lead to as much destruction as a nuclear bomb.


Tungsten Cube: The Densest Metal in the World

Undoubtedly, no element is stronger than tungsten. Also, people discovered that it is heat resistant, harder, and mightier with unique properties. These properties make this element crucial to generating energy. Perhaps in the future, this element would be more than a commodity in the crypto world. It might power light bulbs, rocket engines, or nuclear fusion reactors.

Also, meme traders can’t find a better element to trade than this heavy cube. After NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other intangible internet objects, many investors are selling 4-inch cubes with 42 lbs (19 kg) weight at $3,500. Also, people started a trend on Twitter and Reddit, saying, “We like the cube.” Isn’t this fascinating? Let’s get deeper into the physical properties of this element.


Physical Properties of the Tungsten Element

As we all know, the tungsten cube is the hardest and densest material we have discovered so far. It has a density of 19.3 g/cm3, which is higher than Uranium. On a scale of 10, the cube has a score of 7.5 on the Mohs’ hardness scale. That said, the tungsten carbide ranks 9 on this scale. Tungsten carbide is a combination of carbon with tungsten. The melting point of this element is 6,152OF (3,4100C), which is the highest among all elements except carbon. The actual weight of a 14-inch tungsten cube is 1,800 lbs (816 kg), and the global market ranges from $6 billion to $9 billion.


How to Use Tungsten Cube?

Desktop tungsten cube is a perfect metal because of its hardness and density. It is helpful for many applications. Here are some benefits of this element:

  • You can use it for sharp drills, knives, and saws
  • Engineers can make rocket nose cones and engine nozzles
  • It will perform great as light bulb filaments
  • Scientists can panel it inside the nuclear plant to cover fusion reactors
  • It can be used as ballast for planes, yachts, and Formula 1 cars
  • You can create scratch-resistant wedding bands with this element
  • Militaries can create armor-piercing shells and bullets

How Tungsten Cube Influences the Crypto Market?

Today, traders and miners are making NFTs out of anything. Traders are now bidding for a 1784-lbs tungsten cube as a digital asset. According to the sources, the owner can touch the cube once every year. Because of the joke fired by Neeraj Agrawal, the market of the heavy cube has increased more than 300 percent. Also, the company that owns the NFT cube partnered with OpenNode to accept Bitcoin for their transactions. This is a huge shift in the tungsten market.

Buy Tungsten Cube Right Now

Hopefully, now that you have the basic information from this tungsten cube review, you can see why it is an important element. If you want to purchase this heavy cube, you can visit Mammoth Metallurgy. You can purchase this tungsten cube from our website. We offer from half an inch to six inches of Tungsten cube. Besides, you can buy a desktop tungsten cube right now.


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