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Tungsten Cube Weights

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Tungsten Cube Weights

You may have heard on the news, social media platforms, and newspaper that tungsten is among the heaviest in the world. But, have you ever thought about how heavy they are? Many YouTubers and bloggers after purchasing tungsten cubes, shared their reviews on social media platforms. One influencer tweeted that tungsten has an extraordinary weight-to-size ratio. If you want to test the product all alone, you can purchase a cube. If you don’t want to spend a significant amount on purchasing this cube, you can choose from a half to a six-inch cube.


Tungsten Cube: The Heaviest Object in the World?

So far, everybody knows that tungsten cube is the hottest trend in the crypto world. But, what is this fuss all about? Well, the heavy cube is a durable and strong material with a significant weight than its size. It is so heavy that holding it in the hand feels like the material doesn’t follow scientific principles. Surprisingly, tungsten cube weights more than any other element in the context of size. A 14-inch cube can weigh up to 1,700 pounds (771.107 kg). Does this fact surprise you? Hold on, there are more astonishing facts coming in their post.


Properties of Tungsten Cube

The pure form of tungsten is shiny white metal and can be easily processed. The element contains carbon and oxygen atoms, tightly packed together. That is why tungsten is a brittle and hard metal. The cube has the lowest vapor pressure and high thermal resistance. Furthermore, it has an elastic nature with very high compression. Also, it has a high coefficient of electron emission with high thermal and electrical conductivity. All these properties make the tungsten cube suitable for many applications. Tungsten can react with other metals and create a strong bond. For instance, when paired with carbon, it becomes even denser.

Wondering how a desktop tungsten cube has so many unusual properties? It is because of the half-filled 5d electron shell. That’s why it yields such high binding energy. All these properties suggest that it is an important metal in our periodic chart. Even experts anticipate that by using this element properly we can achieve a significant boost to scale modern technology.



Types of Tungsten Minerals

The natural form of tungsten cube contains several chemical compounds with different elements. Today, experts have found more than 20 types of tungsten with different minerals. Among these only two forms are important in the industrial sector. These are:

  • Scheelite
  • Wolframite


Mineral Deposits of Tungsten

Tungsten is a natural deposit that originated from hydrothermal and magmatic origin. When the magma cools, it leaves different crystallized minerals. Wolframite and scheelite are two forms of tungsten found in the region where magma penetrates the earth’s crust. Younger mountain belts such as the circum-Pacific belt, the Himalayas, and the Alps contain most amounts of tungsten deposits.


Mining Process of Tungsten

For tungsten, miners have to dig down at the narrow veins of the volcanic mountain. According to some miners, they find ore dressing plants near the tungsten ore mines. The experts spot the exact location for mining and open the volcanic veins with advanced tools. Then they crush and mill the tungsten mineral crystals from the earth's core. They use the gravimetric method with froth floatation to mine scheelite ore. Meanwhile, they use the gravity method with magnetic separation to mine wolframite ore. Once the manufacturing unit receives pure tungsten elements, they melt and reshape the element in cubes.


Tungsten Cube Weights

The weight of tungsten cube weight is about 1.74 times that of lead. The mixture of other metals strengthens and hardens the cube. Manufacturers use this cube to increase the strength of metal alloys. There are many manufacturers in the tungsten industry. They reshape the material in wires and sheets for industrial use. Also, you can purchase this metal in cube form as a desktop novelty.

The weight and price of the cube depend on the size. A 1-centimeter cube can weigh about 0.64 ounces, while the 2-inch cube weighs about 5.2 pounds. The largest heavy cube is about 41.6 pounds. As you can see desktop tungsten cube is the heaviest element in the world, it is available in different sizes. You can purchase a 4-inch cube that easily fits in your palm. The weight of a 4-inch cube is 41 pounds and holding this cube in your hand is a unique experience. Lifting the cube feels like the element is violating the law of physics as the size misrelates with the weight.

Many enthusiasts purchase smaller cubes at first, but when they love the experience, they can’t hold them to buy bigger and bigger cubes. You can also purchase 230 pounds of the cube to convey your enthusiasm. A tungsten cube with an NFT weighs about 1,784 pounds and the minimum bid for this cube is about $200,000 or 47.74 ETH.


Tungsten Cube and Cryptocurrency

Bloomberg suggests that the enthusiasm of crypto traders increased the sale of tungsten tubes by 3 to 6 times. This indicates that the tube’s price might elevate in the future.

But how heavy cube got so much attention in the crypto world when it has nothing to do with the digital world? Well, it all started with a rumor that the reserves of tungsten cube are running low. Expecting the shortage of the tungsten tube, people started to buy the element, which results in increasing price. To clear things up, the commodity supplies are available at the industrial level and there is no major shortage in the retail market as well.

Because of the hype in the tungsten market, people started to purchase desktop tungsten cubes. People collecting the cube for several years found it an opportunity and they started selling at high prices. When Twitter caught sight of these increasing prices, there were some jokes and serious discussions about the matter. This resulted in first-ever NFT, based on the tungsten cube.



If you are a tungsten cube enthusiast and want to learn more about the element, you should read more blogs on the site. Also, if you want to purchase the cube, there is good news for you. You can purchase a half an inch desktop tungsten cube from Mammoth Metallurgy’s website. We a;sp manufacture and sell different sizes of cubes, so you can buy the Tungsten cube of your choice.


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