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Why Buy a 1.5" Tungsten Cube?

  • 4 min read

Why Buy a 1.5" Tungsten Cube?

A tungsten cube is a block of metal growing exceptionally popular, with people wanting to ‘invest’ in it. Although most people are getting tungsten cubes for their market value, others are curious to know more about the exceptional metal.

Over the news of apparent shortage, people from different industries, including social media and crypto, are investing in tungsten cubes. Even though no shortage was there, tungsten cubes have become a sensation due to the false rumors. 

With that in mind, people worldwide are tripping over themselves to know what a desktop tungsten cube is. There was also a 95% increase in Google’s search value relating to these heavy cubes. 

The chances are that you have come stumbling here for the same reasons. Or, you might be wondering whether putting your money in tungsten cubes is worth it. Regardless, let’s learn about these popular metal cubes. 

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Why are People Getting Desktop Tungsten Cubes?

It all started when a rumor spread within the crypto community about an international shortage of tungsten cubes. Eventually, this news spread to the social media community, and everyone worldwide started going crazy in no time. Let’s see how it all went down.

Anything that mentions the word ‘shortage’ immediately sparks a domino effect among crypto enthusiasts. This is exactly what happened when they heard the rumor and began ‘investing’ in these heavy cubes. Crypto fans believed it would be a great way to earn when the shortage became apparent soon.

However, there is no real prediction regarding an international shortage of tungsten cubes. Nonetheless, these cubes are becoming scarce and precious over time due to their sudden popularity. Almost everyone wants to get their hands on a cube, be it a 1.5-inch tungsten cube or one that weighs as much as 2.2lbs. 

After crypto enthusiasts, social media is also a large contributing factor to the popularity of desktop tungsten cubes. Various leading YouTubers and social media influencers started getting personal heavy cubes, allowing them to experiment and create viral content with it. 

As some throw their cube from massive heights, others perform risky experiments such as putting their desktop tungsten cube on fire. Whatever they do to damage it, nothing seems to work since tungsten remains indestructible. Therefore, it becomes why people are getting curious to test the unbelievable properties of tungsten on their own. 

This curiosity is also causing an increase in the prices with every passing day, which in turn makes it more appealing. However, get your hands on your 1.5-inch tungsten cube soon before the costs increase. 


Why You Should Get a 1.5 Inch Tungsten Cube

Several reasons contribute to the increasing market value and sale rate of tungsten cubes. Let’s discuss the perks of a desktop tungsten cube in this ideal size. 

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Heavy Element

Your heavy cube will almost make you believe it violates the laws of physics, making it an incredibly fun element to add to your home. Why do we say this? Even a 1 cm block of tungsten can knock you off your feet by how much it weighs.

 Although you can easily fit it n your palm, we doubt whether you’ll be able to carry such a great mass in your hands. Many buyers get a tungsten cube for this surprising property. 



Tungsten is one of the densest metals on the planet, accompanied by many other excellent properties. Tungsten is about 75 percent denser than iron and 50 percent denser than Silver metal. It is two times denser than steel, equaling to the density of gold. 

Its unique property of density also makes tungsten cubes extremely durable. The directional metallic bonds and size of atoms contribute to their density and durability.

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Strong Alloy

In its basic form, tungsten is quite soft and squishy. Nevertheless, tungsten also works as a strong alloying metal with other metals like steel. It can incredibly increase the hardness and strength of metals. Tungsten also works as a strong alloying metal with other metals like steel. 

With 18% participation by weight and 2% by weight of alloy metal, tungsten forms an exceptionally strong alloy with fewer chances of wear and corrosion. This tougher version of tungsten can also increase the thermal properties of the other alloying element.


Corrosion Resistance

The tungsten cubes have high corrosion resistance, making them virtually last forever. Tungsten is so good at preventing corrosion that even mineral acid attacks only cause slight corrosive effects. 

The strong metallic bonds between the atoms of your desktop tungsten cube make it one of the most tensile elements. It reacts with chloride ions which is the probable cause of its corrosion resistance. Chloride ions fill up the pores, which would normally lead to corrosion. 

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Excellent Thermal Properties

We discussed how these heavy cubes seem indestructible even when thrown from rooftops or set on fire. What makes this metal so unique special is that it can withstand high temperatures. 

Tungsten has a melting point of 3422 C which makes it one of the most thermal resistant metals available in the market. This is also evident by its boiling point of 5660 degrees Centigrade, greater than any other metallic element. It stands against heat so well that it only slightly expands compared to other pure metals. 

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Fashionable Décor

Although tungsten cubes come with all the amazing properties mentioned earlier, it is useless unless it serves a greater purpose in your home. You can use your desktop tungsten cube as a conversation starter piece in your living room.

Not only will your visitors be surprised by the surprising weight of a 1.5-inch cube, but it also looks alluring and stunning at the same time. Some people often describe its color and texture as ‘alien properties.’ 

Bottom Line

A 1.5-inch tungsten cube typically has the size dimensions 1.5” by 1.5’ with a mass of 2.2 lb. If that measurement confuses you, think about the weight of pineapple or squirrel. Check out our collection of desktop tungsten cubes at Mammoth Metallurgy. 

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