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Tungsten Cubes For Sale: Why they’re Interesting

  • 4 min read

Tungsten Cubes For Sale: Why they’re Interesting

Tungsten Cubes are one of these recent trends that people all over the globe are now going crazy over. The Tungsten cube is essentially a block of metal but is now growing exceptionally popular and people want to invest in it.

Most people love these tungsten cubes because they are curious about them. However, there are some properties of this metal that make it exceptionally interesting. We have listed a few things to help you understand why these tungsten cubes are so interesting and why people love them so much. 

What Makes Tungsten Cubes Interesting

Following are some of the most interesting things about a Tungsten Cube that everyone should know about.


The Tungsten Cube is a metal that has one of the highest densities in the world with a density of 19.3 g/cm3. This makes it about 50% denser than silver and around 75% denser than iron. It is a major reason why most people are find it highly appealing as its physical touch is like nothing else. The higher density also contributes to several of its physical and chemical properties making it unique.

Corrosion Resistant

Tungsten Cubes are one of the most corrosion-resistant bodies in the world which makes them last virtually forever. A pure tungsten cube does not corrode and is quite hard.

Hardness Levels

Interestingly, the tungsten cubes have a soft base and most of their strength comes in when mixed with other metals to form new alloys. It usually has a “squishy” feel when in its pure form but can get exceptionally durable with other metals.

Melting and Boiling Point

The tungsten cube has a Melting Point of 6170 F which is nearly unattainable, consequently making it hard to destroy. In addition to this, the heavy cube has a Boiling Point of 10652 degrees F contributing to its eye grabbing properties. 

Versatile Uses

The majority of the tungsten cubes have a carbide alloy in them, which makes them stronger than their initial state. Thus, these tungsten cubes help individuals sharpen hard drilling material or diamond surfaces which make them unique to the core. 

Resale Value

Tungsten Cubes are high in demand as crypto fanatics are collecting them for high prices because it is something new. It means that the resale value of a desktop tungsten cube or a standard one isn’t going down any time soon. In fact, the prices are going significantly high although there isn’t any shortage of these tungsten cubes.

What made it a Favorite?

Now that we have discussed what makes these tungsten cubes special and their interesting properties, let’s talk about what exactly made these tungsten cubes a big deal all of the sudden. 

Most of the people who own tungsten cubes claim that it was nothing but “a joke that went a little too far”. Someone on the online communities spread a rumor that the tungsten cube was going scarce as there was an international shortage. This sparked a feeling of interest in the crypto community as they like to keep an eye on things that are not easily available. 

People started swarming tungsten cube dealers and tried to get their hands on them as quickly as possible, although there was no tangible proof that there was an actual shortage to begin with. 

Thus, these tungsten cubes soon became a sensation globally as people started investing in them and showcasing them on their social media accounts. Several leading YouTubers also did videos on these tungsten cubes, trying to experiment with them. Google also experienced some massive changes during this time, as the searches revolving around tungsten cubes increased nearly 95% within a week.

People were and are still quite curious about these tungsten cubes and this curiosity has led to an increase in prices of these cubes. The standard cube is nearly 4-inches in dimension and still costs a whopping $300 on average. There are other options that you can go for, like the 1-inch cube or a 300 gram one if you want to save a little on the prices. 

Tungsten Cubes and Social Media

We already talked about how the tungsten cubes soon became a social media sensation with hundreds and thousands of people viewing, reading, searching, and buying them for expensive prices. As mentioned earlier, the majority of the people who invested in these cubes were YouTube content creators or social media influencers who want to be a part of this new viral trend. 

People are now using these tungsten cubes to create different types of content including discussing these cubes on informational grounds to coming up with weird and interesting challenges to check its durability and limits.

People are trying everything from drop tests to heat tests to see what extent of damage this cube can take before it reaches its limit, which is 6170 F. This is quite a high temperature considering that the temperature of the sun ranges around 9,941°F on average. Thus, attaining these temperatures outside the lab is nearly impossible. Nonetheless, people are trying their luck with these cubes and experimenting with them to create interesting content.

These cubes grabbed the attention of so many content creators that they have started calling themselves “cubers”. The tungsten cubes may stay trending for the next few months or even many, considering their growing popularity at the moment. 

Bottom Line

People all over the world are looking for tungsten cubes for sale because of their unique properties and social media trends. The prices of these cubes will most likely increase as their popularity continues to grow. We hope you enjoyed this article and you can find more information on tungsten cubes with Mammoth Metallurgy on our official site.