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What is a Tungsten Cube?

  • 4 min read

What is a Tungsten Cube?

The crypto community has recently gone abuzz about the latest trend in the market, Tungsten Cubes. A Community that prides itself on its "go big or go home" ethos usually fumbles over the newest type of cryptocurrency. You can even find them looking for the next way to "troll" the market and make a massive profit. 

However, all of the news about cryptocurrencies have gone into the background in recent days. Instead, the entire community is tripping over itself to find what is, essentially, a block of metal. What's special about tungsten cubes that makes them so valuable. Well, a lot of it comes down to the fact that it is very dense. 

What are Tungsten Cubes?

The best place to start with tungsten cubes would be to talk about what they are. Tungsten metal happens to be one of the densest elements in the world. In fact, it is about 50% denser than Silver and about 75% denser than iron. Thanks to its unique density, it takes on various properties that make it exceptionally rare. 

These cubes happen to be very resistant to corrosion and have the highest tensile strength of any metal on earth. They also have the highest melting point of any metal on earth, which technically makes them indestructible. 

Interesting fact though, tungsten is actually very soft in its base form but hardens when mixed with other metals. So at its base form, it's an odd, squishy, almost alien-like substance that can become much tougher when creating alloys with other metals. 

All of these popular tungsten cubes feature the tungsten carbide alloy in them. This alloy is the strongest compound of tungsten, which companies usually use to sharpen their drilling equipment and saws. In fact, tungsten blocks can be so strong that it can take a diamond cutting system almost ten minutes to cut through one block. 

Why is it so Popular?

Fun facts aside, why are small blocks of tungsten becoming so popular? Well, a lot of it has to do with its resale value. Rumors happened to spread throughout the community that tungsten was experiencing an international shortage. Of course, hearing the name of a commodity and the word "shortage" in it always sparks the interest of the crypto community. 

However, there was no real proof that the market was experiencing a shortage. But when people started getting their hands on these heavy cubes, the sheer allure that they offered was unlike anything they had ever seen. Soon, influencers on YouTube managed to get a hold of it and spread the news to millions of viewers. 

Within a week, many had started identifying themselves as cubers. And everyone was trying to get a piece of one of the densest metals on earth. According to Google search data, searches surrounding these cubes have increased by an incredible 95% in just a week. 

People don't have an intended plan with these cubes. But their interest mainly comes from just how real they feel. These indestructible cubes also happen to be very expensive, which automatically makes them more appealing. 

A 4-inch cube of tungsten alone can set you back almost $3,000, with the smaller sizes being a little cheaper. Buyers can even find a 1-inch variant, which can weigh nearly 300 grams. 

What Contributed to its Success?

Another reason, and possibly the biggest reason, why these cubes have gotten so popular in the last few days is social media. A small cube that is exceptionally dense makes for good viral content. Furthermore, people have even started taking up challenges to test the cubes' indestructibility. 

Some channels are dropping it from rooftops, while others are trying to see if it can even melt. By the way, the answer to that is yes; it can melt at a temperature of 3400°C. For comparison, the surface of the sun has a temperature of 5500°C. Therefore, it is close to impossible to melt tungsten outside of lab conditions. 

With influencers testing the strength of these cubes, many others happened to take on the challenge as well. Of course, these challenges created a chain reaction of online hype that greatly inflated their value. 

Why is it so Durable?

There is a deeper reason why tungsten cubes are heavier and more durable than other metals. A lot of that durability is due to its atoms and their size. The density of an element usually reflects how big or small its composite atoms are. And the lower you go on the periodic chart of elements, the metals there have much larger atoms. 

All metals tend to have very tight metallic bonds, which makes them durable and dense. But tungsten still manages to stand out thanks to its uniquely directional metallic bonds, which can be incredibly difficult to break. In fact, as we mentioned earlier, it can take diamond-cutting equipment almost ten minutes to cut through it. 

In the 20th century, inventors needed to find a metal that could withstand tremendous amounts of heat. William Coolidge invented the first filament bulb, which was very bright and could last for a long time. 

Some other, almost ridiculous feats of tungsten include its use in missiles and rockets. Companies have also very famously used tungsten in missiles and on the exhaust tips of their rockets. Since it is so durable, it can easily withstand tremendously hot environments with ease. 

Where can You Buy One?

While rumors were spreading about a shortage of tungsten cubes, there has been no proof to suggest such a thing. So if you're in the market looking for a tungsten cube, why not consider Mammoth Metallurgy. 

We offer an extensive range of tungsten cube sizes for every type of enthusiast. Whether you want a desktop tungsten cube as a decoration piece or a small one to pique your interest, you can find it all here. If you want to join the hype for these heavy cubes, consider buying one from Mammoth Metallurgy.