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Where Can I Get a 1kg Tungsten Cube

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Where Can I Get a 1kg Tungsten Cube

As soon as they learned about it, people started heading out to get their hands on their very own tungsten cubes. A lot goes into the rising sales of tungsten cubes, from the internet popularity to the durability of the unique metal.

According to Google Results, there is a 95% increase in search volumes regarding tungsten cubes. So whether you happened to stumble on here because of a meme or want to know what the rave is about, we got you covered. 

Or, are you looking for a 1kg tungsten cube at the best price? Let’ see where you can find it and what makes 1 kg tungsten cubes so popular among modern homeowners and cryptographers alike. 

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What is a Tungsten Cube?

First things first, you must know what a tungsten cube really is and whether or not you should get your hands on one. One of the densest metals in the world, tungsten gets most of its popularity from its atomic properties. 

It is the heaviest, densest, and most durable metal. In fact, tungsten is about 75 percent denser than iron, and 50 percent denser than Silver. Thanks to this particular property, this heavy cube offers various benefits when you bring one home. 

Even when inventors were looking for a metal that could handle a tremendous amount of heat, William Coolidge invented the filament bulb. What else? They also use tungsten metal in different types of weapons and space exploration equipment. Since tungsten can withstand high temperatures, it also makes carbides for military bullets and missiles. 

The crypto community went abuzz with the latest trend of tungsten cubes not very long ago. In fact, these fashionable décor cubes are still new to many. And although they are available in many sizes and weight options, many people find a 1 kg tungsten cube to be more convenient. 


Why 1 kg Tungsten Cube?

There are many factors that contribute to the preference of 1kg tungsten cubes over other sizes. Not to mention, you can find the tungsten metal in a sphere shape too, but we believe they look classier in the cubical shape. 

For most part, the tungsten cube makes for a great décor piece. This suggests that homeowners would like to set their heavy cubes in their living rooms or bedrooms. For this reason, 1 kg is the ideal size for desktop tungsten cubes. You can easily place it on your bookshelf in the living room or on your bedside table to let it serve its decorative purposes. 

On the other hand, the price of tungsten cubes also happens to determine what weight you should get yours in. These heavy cubes get costlier as you increase their size dimensions. Due to the curiosity surrounding the atomic properties of a desktop tungsten cube, the sales only seem to keep rising. 

Not to mention, it doesn’t look like the value of tungsten cubes will go down anytime soon. Consequently, this leads to a high increase in the price of these cubes. The standard tungsten that is nearly 4 inches in dimensional size already costs a thumping $3,326.99

So although you can find tungsten cubes as heavy as 45 lbs, not everyone can afford it. Besides, some people even go for a 300 gram or 1-inch desktop tungsten cube for the same reason. Nevertheless, we suggest that the ideal size for a tungsten cube would be 1 kg. 

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The Popularity and Success of Tungsten Cubes

Now that you know what tungsten cubes are and the ideal size to get for a homeowner let’s discuss the reasons to get a heavy cube soon. If you ask tungsten cube owners, many are still unaware of the real reasons that compelled them to spend money on blocks of metal. 

In case you’re like those people, we can bring you up to speed. To start off, tungsten cubes first gained popularity among crypto aficionados. The rumor that there’s a shortage of tungsten cubes came about. And as cryptographers always have an eye on things that are not easily available, they began to ‘invest.’ 

Even though there was no real proof of an apparent international shortage, the rumor went out to the rest of the world. The result? Heavy cubes became a worldwide hit. And as soon as people started getting their hands on desktop tungsten cubes, they got stunned by the sheer allure. 

People do not have any plans for their tungsten cubes except for keeping them in your house as décor items. Nonetheless, a block of metal that has unique mind-boggling properties make for good viral content for the internet. 

This is what happened when social media influencers and leading YouTubers started experimenting with their cubes. Many tried to throw them from massive heights, while others also tried putting their tungsten cubes on fire to see if they’d melt. Their indestructibility led to an increase in costs, which in turn automatically made desktop tungsten cubes even more appealing. 

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Terrestrial Look and Atomic Properties

So, what is it about the appearance of a heavy cube made of tungsten that contributes to such hype and popularity? Not to forget, the unique atomic properties also set tungsten cubes apart from any other metal cubes. 

An important thing that you might consider is the uniqueness in the texture of the metal. It is nothing like the texture of another metal. Many people claim that ‘it just feels so real, we (they) couldn’t resist buying.’ In fact, some people are also referring to the texture and colors as ‘alien properties.’ 

Speaking of atomic of desktop tungsten cubes, it is impossible to melt them outside of the lab as tungsten has a melting point as crazily high as 3422 Centigrade. Interesting, right? Well, it gets even more interesting when you work hard for around 10 minutes before diamond-cutting equipment cuts through your 1 kg tungsten cube. 


Bottom Line

We believe tungsten cubes make for fantastic home decoration pieces. Why? You can easily grab visitors’ attention through its alluring appearance. Additionally, make sure you look for the perfect size for your home, although we suggest getting a 1 kg tungsten cube for homeowners. You can easily get one in the best price possible on Mammoth Metallurgy. 


Check out all our sizes of Tungsten Cubes here.


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