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Why Buy a 2.5 Inch Tungsten Cube?

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Why Buy a 2.5 Inch Tungsten Cube?

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The crypto community is always looking for new ways to earn cash, keeping an eye out for not easily available things. Recently, crypto fans are getting involved in a new type of “currency:” the tungsten cubes. 

Social media personalities are looking for new content all the time, so how could they resist tungsten cubes and their popularity? 

Both the communities combined have brought along a trend that does not seem to fade away soon. The hype and the sales for these cubes increase day by day. 

But first, let’s learn more about the popularity and success of these heavy cubes. 


Tungsten Cubes and the Reason for their Sudden Popularity

 A lot about the popularity of tungsten cubes has to do with its resale value. Tungsten metal has always been one of the strongest, most durable metals. However, these metal blocks only became popular when the crypto community invested in tungsten cubes.

Very recently, there was a sudden rumor about an apparent shortage of tungsten cubes all across the world. Of course, cryptographers had to buy these heavy cubes because the scarcity began. Although there is no real proof regarding the prediction of an international shortage, the sales are rising unbelievably.

Within a week of the news getting out to the rest of the world, people identified themselves as ‘cubers.’ While the market value initially compelled people to buy desktop tungsten cubes, its interesting and unique properties made them stay. 

These heavy cubes soon became a big deal when social media got its hands on them. Many leading YouTubers and social media influencers use their metal cubes to make awesome content. Many of these personalities display their experiments with the cubes on the internet, further gaining attention with these tungsten cubes. 

Many YouTubers are filming videos where they throw their desktop tungsten cubes from massive heights to challenge indestructibility. On the other hand, some others also use fire to see if their cube would melt. It is impossible to destroy or even chip a tungsten cube outside the lab due to its directional metallic bonds. 

Tungsten has a melting point of 3422 degrees Centigrade, and even diamond-cutting equipment can take around 10 minutes before cutting through your heavy cube. These factors are combined with increased market value and popularity of tungsten cubes. Fun fact, the search value of Google regarding this topic also saw a 95% increase.

Get our 2.5" Tungsten cubes with waterproof / dustproof case here.

The durability of Tungsten Cubes

If you’re planning to invest in a 2.5-inch tungsten cube soon, your desktop tungsten cube will last you an entire lifetime. Why? Tungsten happens to be one of the densest and most durable metals out there. 

It is 75% denser than Iron and 50% denser than Silver metal. Thanks to its unique density, tungsten happens to be extremely durable. The density of metal reflects the size of its atoms. Not to mention how compostable the atoms also make a huge difference. 

Due to their atoms and their size, tungsten cubes are heavier, denser, and more durable than other metals since it is lower on the periodic table. This is why the lower you go on the periodic table, the larger the atoms get. 

Although all metals are durable and dense, tungsten still stands out. The directional metallic bonds make it extremely hard to break a desktop cube, whether you light it on fire or throw it from your rooftop. 

The invention of the first filament bulb by William Coolidge was also a result of searching for a metal that could withstand tremendous amounts of heat. Its properties mean that you will also find tungsten featured in carbides of military missiles and bullets. This is especially because it can withstand hot environments easily. 

Why You Should Buy a 2.5 Inch Tungsten Cube

As we have already mentioned, people first started buying desktop tungsten cubes as an investment. But soon after, they found the exceptional metallic properties of tungsten metal. 

So, you can get yourself a heavy cube for any reason you prefer. Not to mention, it is very likely to be a multi-purpose item in your home. How? Let’s have a brief look. 


Fashionable Décor

You must opt for desktop tungsten cubes if you enjoy having fun elements in your office or home. It weighs surprisingly more than people’s expectations, but it also serves as attractive décor. Especially if your space lacks a good conversation piece, a heavy cube can reflect ‘alien properties’ as described by many. 

Tungsten cubes can instantly add oomph to your living space, especially if it lacks a good conversation piece. It almost looks like an otherworldly item or something straight out of a comic book. So they manage to look great in all sorts of space, whether it is your office or your home. 


Get our 2.5" Tungsten cubes with waterproof / dustproof case here.

Indestructible Item

Although it can provide steel with hardness and strength, a more valuable quality of tungsten happens to be its corrosion resistance and thermal properties. This means your desktop tungsten cube will be indestructible and serve decorative and other purposes for as long as you wish.

Only attacks of mineral acids can cause slight corrosive effects to tungsten cubes due to the excellent corrosive-resistant properties of tungsten. Result of incredibly strong metallic bonds between its atoms, tungsten is one of the most tensile elements on planet earth. 

As evident by its high boiling point of 5660 degrees centigrade, your heavy cube will surprise you with its remarkable thermal properties. Moreover, its melting point is greater than any other metallic element, i.e., 3422 degrees Centigrade.

Wrapping Up

A 2.5-inch tungsten cube typically has the dimensions 2.5” by 2.5” with a weight of 10 lbs. If you’re wondering how much that will be, think of a 3-month old baby or the weight of a watermelon. Nonetheless, you can find desktop tungsten cubes in many sizes at Mammoth Metallurgy. 


Get our 2.5" Tungsten cubes with waterproof / dustproof case here.

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